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Agincourt Capital Management–Update Regarding COVID-19 Planning
Agincourt continues to closely monitor the developments of the novel coronavirus, including its spread and updates from the CDC. Agincourt’s preparedness and response to this threat is coordinated as part of the company’s firm wide business continuity plan, whereby Agincourt is prepared to meet the needs of our clients with limited disruption, while also keeping our team members safe.

We have implemented the following measures to do our part in mitigating the transmission of this threat by: restricting business travel, transitioning to virtual meetings, requiring team members to self-quarantine if appropriate, and ensuring our team members are engaging in prudent preventative measures and are aware of CDC recommendations.

From a business perspective, Agincourt’s operations include the use of technology that allows the firm to conduct business from any location, as long as access to the internet is available. Therefore, we are able to allow any or all of our team members to work remotely, including “work from home” locations while still accomplishing all of our work-related duties. Additionally, Agincourt’s systems allow for seamless communication amongst all team members and vendors. These systems have been in place long before COVID-19, have been tested previously and have been re-tested in February giving us confidence that we are prepared to conduct business from any location site.

At this point, we have transitioned most of our team members to “work from home” locations with the possibility of transitioning everyone over time. We remain available to communicate with clients and consultants and we are reachable by email and phone. If you have an immediate need, please feel free to contact me via cell phone; my number is listed below.

In summary, Agincourt is prepared to concurrently do our part to reduce transmission of COVID-19, protect our team members and clients from undue risk, and continue to diligently manage clients’ investment portfolios.

Please let us know if we can help support you as we all navigate this challenging period. Thank you for your continued trust in us.

Best regards,

Patrick O’Hara, CFA
Managing Director
Agincourt Capital Management
200 S. 10th Street, Suite 800
Richmond, VA 23219
Office: (804) 648-1111
Cell: (804) 543-7145